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Gino appears in the following albums from Pavlo and other artists:


Year Artist Album Genre
2018 Grenville Pinto Coming Soon!!! World
2018 Konstantine Panmessian World
2017 Lazos Ioannidis Lazo World
2016 Gino Mirizio Building a Solid Foundation Instructional
2016 Anastasia Bethanis Culture World
2015 Pavlo Live in Kastoria CD World
2015 Pavlo Live in Kastoria DVD World
2015 Pavlo & Remigio Guitarradas World
2015 Sophie Serafino Temptress – EP World
2015 Darrelle London Tangerine & Blue Pop
2014 Grenville Pinto Perfect Day World
2013 Brian Roman Dreamer Pop/Jazz
2012 Enrico Galante Let’s Talk About Sax Jazz
2012 James Clark Jones The Days of Convenience Folk
2012 Last Bullet Love, Lust and Illusion Rock
2012 Paul Taskas The Paul Taskas Project Rock
2012 The Rug Under The Rug Rock
2011 Tia McGraff Listen! It’s Christmas Country/Pop
2011 Rob Tardik B.E.L.L. Jazz
2011 Pavlo Six String BLVD World
2010 Mark Masri La Voce Rock/Pop
2010 Tia McGraff Diversity Country
2008 Julian Petti Remember Where You Are Pop/Rock
2008 Pavlo Mediterranean Nights DVD World
2008 Pavlo Mediterranean Nights CD World
2007 Pavlo Live at Massey Hall World
2006 Pavlo Irresistible World
2006 Big Love Any Human Heart Folk/Pop
2005 John McDermott Images of Christmas World
2004 Alan Burlon Nostalgia World
2004 Vasyl Popadiuk Sef Titled World
2004 Konstantine Mediterranean Rendezvous World
2003 Pavlo Frostbite/Holiday World
2003 Switch All For Love Pop/Rock
2003 Gibbons/Greene Campfire Ditties Folk/World
2002 Pavlo I Feel Love Again World
2001 Meta Astro Logic Alternative
2001 Johannes Linstead Guitarra del Fuego World
2001 Liona Boyd Camino Latino World
2000 Krazy House 3 some Folk/Pop
2000 Krazy House Straight to All Right Folk/Pop
2000 Johannes Linstead Kiss the Earth World
1998 Krazy House In the Beginning Folk/Pop
1997 Johannes Linstead Sol Luna Tierra World
1995 Freedom Rains About Time Rock

Audio Samples

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